Kids First Haircuts at The Kid's Room

Kids Cut – Customized Cut.
Junior – $18     Senior – $23      Master – $28

Classic Kids Cut – Customized Cut & Shampoo.
Junior – $23     Senior – $28     Master – $33

Extraordinary Kids Cut – Customized Cut, Shampoo & Blow-Dry
Junior – $28     Senior – $33     Master – $38

First Kids Cut – $30
Customized cut, picture, and certificate, with 1st lock of hair.

Bang Trim – $7

Kids Color – $40
Add highlights or a pop of color.

Brow Waxing – $15 Full / $7 Partial (20% gratuity will be added)

Kids Haircuts should be fun! Owned by parents, the concept behind the salon is simple.  We believe your children should enjoy their haircuts.

That’s why we’ve taken extra steps to ensure that your child feels at home while they’re here. It’s more than just a haircut here at The Kid’s Room in Rochester, NY. It’s an experience!

All services include special treat!

Hair service prices are subject to increase depending upon length, density or time. For any concerns regarding your service, please contact us within 24 hours.

First Haircut

An experience that you’ll remember forever! You’ll leave with a First Haircut Certificate, keepsake photo, a lock of you child’s hair – and, of course, a great new look!

First kids haircut at The Kids Room

Our goal is to make the salon experience enjoyable for everyone-parents and children! We specialize in working with kids of all ages.

We understand that many children can be intimidated by their trip to the hair salon. That’s why we make the experience as comforting and natural for them as possible.

Kids Haircuts at The Kid's Room

We reward our little guests with balloons, lollipops, and certificates for their first haircut! Moms, Dads, and Grandparents are welcome too!

We have four different haircut options to choose from and look forward to servicing you and your child’s first experience.


We also appreciate your concern, as a parent, for the look, feel, and cost of your child’s haircut. Our prices are competitive across the board, and our stylists are NYS certified and trained extensively so they can deliver the best service to you and your child at a great value.

We provide a wide range of services for Kids Haircuts. From clipper cuts to bobs, we especially cater to our newest customer’s “first haircuts” Considering facial shape, cowlicks, growth patterns, hair texture and density.


Brow Waxing for Kids

Waxing is semi-permanent and lasts much longer than any other temporary hair removal technique. Waxing will remove all hair types.

Once it sets the wax will remove fine hair, coarse hair, light hair and dark hair. The more you wax the longer it lasts. If you wax on a regular basis, you will notice that the area will have less and less hair.

Waxing should be performed in a salon environment. Although there are home kits available, The Kid’s Room salon stylists are expertly trained for facial waxing.

Wax is actually a natural exfoliate that will leave the skin feeling extra smooth and silky.  Waxing takes the hair from the root leaving more time until the hair follicle reappears.

We also have brow waxing for dad at The Men’s Room!

Kids Haircuts at The Kid's Room