Hairstyles for Kids

Hairstyles for Kids at The Kid's Room

There are many different Hairstyles for Kids that our talented team is more than capable of creating for your little one.

Whether it’s simply a wash and blow dry, up-do, braids, or a color pop, we’ll make it an unforgettably FUN experience!

All services include special treat!

Hair service prices are subject to increase depending upon length, density or time. For any concerns regarding your service, please contact us within 24 hours.


Wash & Blow Dry – $20

Color Pop – $5
Temporary pop of color

Shampoo – $5

Flat Iron/Curls – $20

Braid – $15/Mini Braid – $7

Up-do – $30*

Wash and Blow dry

Washing, drying, and styling your child’s hair can take hours at home. The look may not be exactly what you desired or last as long as you had hoped. The back of your head is always a challenge!

At The Kid’s Room our stylists provide trendy and affordable blowout styles that take the stress and time away from doing it yourself. You can get a customized, beautiful salon look that leaves your child with the style they want, without having a cut or color.

The Kid’s Room Experience ensures kids receive a relaxing shampoo and conditioning treatment followed by the professional hairstyling of their choice.

Hairstyles for Kids at The Kid's Room
Hairstyles for Kids at The Kid's Room


Our specialty up-dos are performed by licensed stylists and include finish outs with curling irons, flat irons, and anything else needed to create a glamorous up-do for your sweet girl.

Most  Up-dos can be done in 30 minutes at the Up-do rate. As us about a color-pop to add a little extra beauty to the up-do!

If you have an extra special event and need your up-do to match a picture or want to book extra time, let your stylist know and she will advise beforehand if there will be an additional charge.

This happens most often with Flower Girls who want to match a picture perfectly and pay for additional time.


Events for Up-dos:

  • Daddy Daughter Dance
  • Ballet & Dance Recitals
  • School Performances
  • Quinceñera
  • First Communion
  • Birthday Fun
  • Weddings
  • Tween Concerts


Hairstyles for Kids at The Kid's Room

Our licensed stylists have a range of braiding expertise. From summer braids, which are great for keeping tangles away at summer camp, to beautiful French braids, to intricate specialty braids.

Call The Kid’s Room Salon in Rochester, NY for more information on braid options.

Color Pop

Hairstyles for Kids at The Kid's Room

Add an intense, vibrant temporary pop of color without having to lift the hair with bleach. ColorMe professional hair color is the most versatile and intense colors available in a temporary hair color today.

These colors are great for Special occasions: Prom, weddings, themed events, holiday parties. Try Emerald for St. Patrick’s Day or Red Rush, Blueberry or Blue Escape for the 4th of July!